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The truth about McDonalds

  • Every time that you go to McDonalds you are destroying your health

When you go to Mc Donald's you maintain a high diet in fat, sugar, animal products and salt (sodium) and very low in fibers, vitamins and minerals. They promote his food as "fast food" in fact it is "garbage food". It has been designed to go, to eat and to return quick in a ritual that tries to hide the terrible quality of the food that is served. The hamburgers have 48% of water and the lettuces that are served they are treated with 11 different types of chemists products to maintain them green and crispy for but time. Of all the incidents of contamination of foods, 70% corresponds to the meat, In the slaughterhouses, the meat can be contaminated, causing infections bacteriales. They want counteract that possibility injecting enormous dose of antibiotics to the animals, All of this and the use of hormones of growth, they generate a serious threat for the habitual consumers of meat.

  • Every time that you go to McDonalds you are helping to destroy this planet

McDonald's has affirmed that most of the meat used in its products comes from places that before were forests. These multinationals force to the local producers to enlarge their properties and to destroy the forests. The topic is the following one: they cut down thousands of trees, they catch fire to the place, they clean it and they use that space to sow food for the livestock. The problem is that this field can be used only for five years, after it is not capable for that type of cultivations and as it is cultivated it goes losing all the minerals and it becomes sterile .Also, Mc Donald's and Burger King are 2 of the many North American companies that use poisonous substances to destroy big areas of the tropical forest of Central America

McDonald's is the biggest consumer of meat on the world. The gas methane, taken place by the excessive payment of the lands, is one of the adults responsible for the effect hothouse. Each McDonald's (as many other) it uses thousands of tons of packing material (in many cases they are not biodegradable) unnecessary, what means millions of tons of garbage.

800 square miles of forest are needed to cover their demand yearly of paper. Every year, an area of the size of Great Britain is destroyed in the tropical forest. That process causes, at least, the extinction of an animal specie, plant or insect every hour

To produce 1 kilo of meat, they are needed, at least, 10 kilos of grain. 145 million tons of grains are wasted per year for the feeding of the livestock, they give only 21 million tons of meat as a result. It is equal to 20 trillion dollars. It is calculated that with that quantity of money we could feed, to dress and to give room from all over the world to the population in 1 year.

  • McDonald's uses an advertising strategy that abuses of the children.

The advertising techniques of McDonald's are carefully guided to the infantile public, who is easily impressionable. Probably a lot of parents know that the quality of this fast food is the worst food that they can give to their children to grow, however, Mac Donalds with their attractive colours and circus atmosphere the children are stimulated to enter in them, what constitutes an enormous pressure for the parents. With this pressure Mc Donald's can assure its earnings. In this way, the children are used like innocent accomplices of this destructive industry.

  • Mc Donald's is the symbol of the economic imperialism and the exploitation

This company is owner of enormous land extensions in countries of the third world. While in their farms the livestock puts on weight, in few kilometers far away the people suffer hunger and misery. As all good multinational companies, Mc Donald's makes sure of spending the minimum thing in wages. They takes advantage of the ethnic minorities, the work "part time", the employment of people under age and of personnel that doesn't need qualification neither training. Due to of the massive renovation of workers in this class of companies is almost impossible to create a critic section there and quite impossible the formation of unions. In this way, the solidarity and the fight can only be made outside of the company

  • Do you thing that McDonalds is cheap?

In a lot of countries one small hamburger, some cheaps and one coke made it with water and powder cost 6 euros. If somebody sell this to you, are you going to think that it is cheaper? A lot of times, the attractive and big colours and the circus atmosphere don’t let see us the shop or the small restaurant beside of you that sell surely healthy, better and profitable food.

  • Have you ever heard about fair Trade?

When you spend your money to Mac Donalds they people that have worked in this hamburger is going to receive one smaller quantity of this money unimaginable and you are helping to Mac Donalds to pay these extremely low salaries to his employees and held in his big chain of exploitation. However, when you buy food in another establishments or local restaurants the money that you are spending surely will be better distributed between the people that have cooked your food

When you travel and you know different cities and countries one special part of the trip is to learn and to discover one new culture. One part of this culture is the gastronomy of the country. If you look a little you always can find some places in where you can eat traditional, new and good food for a very good price. However, some people guided for the attractive publicity and for the stupid idea that Mad Donalds is the more simple don’t go to this places. Also, they are contributing that this kind of traditional establishment disappears.

  • Do you like see a big M of McDonalds in the face of some of the more nice building that you had seen?

It is a pity that for the culture of the money you can find in some incredible places or landscapes, in the faces of beautiful and historical buildings a big M, symbolising of the economic imperialism and the exploitation

Almost all that said here of Mc Donald's is applicable to other multinationals of the business of the quick food, as Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken. All they are the pathetic face of an economic system that subordinates all the aspects from the human life to the obtaining of earnings without any concern for people, the animals and the environment

Borja Santos Porras

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